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Musicological test by “God Is An Astronaut”

English version

Go on through the test and you will know who you are!

Continue the sentences

If compare your music with a fruit it would be like….


A) Cherry.

B) A coconut, because it’s soft on inside, heavy on the outside. 

C) Pomegranate.

D) A delicious watermelon.

E) Dangle berries.

F) Kiwi.



Concerning Ukrainian music, I know that…


A) There are post-rock bands here.

B) I don’t know too much.

C) Absolutely nothing, sorry!

D) You guys listen to great music!

E) They make music.

F) They have it.


My first impression about Ukraine is…


A) The border is intimidating.

B) That it’s full of beautiful people.

C) Crazy taxi drivers.

D) Such beautiful women!

E) Bumpy roads.

F) Tasty women, good looking food.


The last track that I listened on my mp3 player was…


A) White Zombie – Dragula.

B) Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone.

C) Pendulum – Tarantula.

D) Slipknot –The Blister Exists.

E) LCD Soundsystem.

F) Putrid Pile.


Best present I was given on my birthday was…


A) Guitar.

B) Bass guitar.

C) A Lego fire engine.

D) A surprise birthday party.

E) DI #? F#B.

F) Unlimited gargle.


Besides music I also do…


A) Recording and Production (Music).

B) Gaming X-box etc…

C) A PHD in engineering; kickboxing.

D) Nude modeling.

E) Study.

F) Corset fitting. All Women Cast Fashion Show.


I was inspired to play musical instruments by…


A) My father who is a musician.

B) Cliff Burton (Metallica).

C) Being in an orchestra.

D) My father.

E) Father.

F) Dean Martin.


My opinion about free music downloading from internet is…


A) Can’t fight it so join them.

B) It is great but leaves us poor.

C) Great! It helps spread music to people who wouldn’t be able to hear ti!

D) If you can’t beat them –join them!

E) The more people that listen – the better!

F)  Can’t do if fast enough.


In my childhood I wanted to be…


A) Astronaut or a tennis player.

B) A musician.

C) A paleontologist.

D) A musician. 

E) Astronaut (Apollo 13 Movie).

F) Fire breathing Guitar Shredder.


I get inspiration from…


A) My life.

B) Everyday life.

C) Other people.

D) Social experiences, classical music, current affairs.

E) Life.

F) Joe Pesci.


My first concert experience was…


A) Metallica 1989 in Dublin.

B) Metallica.

C) Metallica.

D) Overwhelming.

E) Green Day.

F) Boy Zone.


The sense that is responsible for music is…


A) Hearing and emotions.

B) Passion and my hearing.

C) Feel.

D) Touch and feel for a musician, taste and hearing for the listener.

E) Sound.

F) Touch.


Three things real musician should do are…


A) Practice, win the Lotto, grow long hair.

B) Play drunk at least once, play stoned at least once, get a groupie at least once or twice.

C) Sweat, perform, entertain.

D) Practice, practice, practice!!!

E) Travel to Ukraine, marry a famous model, have lots of guitars.

F) Drink gargle, be able to squawk or blast beat, power stomp.


Model of music instrument I’ve been playing today…


A) Gibson Les Paul Custom.

B) Musicman – Ernie Ball.

C) Gretsch USA kit + Zildjian k /Sabian.

D) M-Audio – Axiom 61.

E) Gretsch/Digidesign.

F) Gibson hollow body.


If song was a cake, I would add more… (list your ingredients)


A) Strawberries, Chocolate.

B) Chocolate.

C) Chocolate + ice cream.

D) 6 spoons of intensity, 1 ounce of Mayhem and a bottle of Jack!

E) Lemon and marshmallows.

F) Cream and rippers.


Transportation I would choose for touring is…


A) Private jet

B) Armored tank.

C) Audi Rs 4 (Manual, supercharched, blistein dampers, mongoose exhaust).

D) First class flights or the limo from Aphex Twin Window Licker!

E) My own car.

F) Smart car.


In my past life I was…


A) Egyptian Pharaoh

B) A prince.

C) A monkey.

D) Definitely a pirate! Without question! I am still a pirate actually!

E) An Indian.

F) Russell Brand (even if he is still alive)


My soul is like… (name musical instrument that represents it better)


A) Mountain dulcimer.

B) Grand piano.

C) A drum.

D) A very old cello – soft and sweet but timelessly enjoyable!

E) A two tuning forks in perfect harmony.

F) Distorted Banjo.


If music was a woman, I would choose…


A) Dark hair and mysterious.

B) To marry her.

C) To beat the shit out of her with sticks.

D) To play her like a soft piano piece!

E) To fuck her.

F) A rich dumb tall blonde.


Before coming to Ukraine, I thought it is like…


A) Moscow.

B) Made of chocolate.

C) Russia.

D) Somewhere in Russia!

E) I didn’t think – I didn’t have time!

F) A 20 place as I only played it in Command & Conquer.


In twenty years I will be…


A) In Space.

B) 20 years older.

C) Owner of many supercars.

D) 43 and hopefully still making a living from music!

E) 41.

F) Old.


A person I would be shocked to see at my show is…


A) Trent Reznor.

B) The Pope.

C) Trent Reznor.

D) Trent Reznor.

E) Britney Spears.

F) Catholic Church.


For me God is…


A) An Apposition

B) Great!

C) In the subwoofers.

D) Matthew Bellamy!

E) An Astronaut.

F) One of us.


The planet I would choose to perform a concert is…


A) Pluto.

B) Titan.

C) Mars on Olympus Mons.

D) Jupiter.

E) Moon.

F) Pluto.


The Holiday I would never miss celebrating is…


A) Christmas.

B) Christmas.

C) Christmas.

D) St. Paddy's Day!

E) Easter.

F) Steak and blow job day.


If I could take only three things with me on tour it would be…


A) Guitar, amp and pedals.

B) Laptop, toothbrush, girlfriend.

C) Drums, shorts.

D) Laptop, instrument, psp!

E) Plane, laptop, pants.

F) Combats, shades, high heels.

If you get more answers A – then you are Torsten Kinsella (vocals, guitars, keyboards)

If you get more answers B – then you are Niels Kinsella (bass, guitars, visuals)

If you get more answers C – then you are Michael Fenton (drums, synthesiser)

If you get more answers D – then you are Jamie Dean (keyboards, synthesiser)

If you get more answers E – then you are Zachary Dutton-Hanney (sound engineer)

If you get more answers F – then you are Edgey Edgeworth (sound engineer)


 Characterize yourself in some words


Torsten Kinsella – fair, honest, daring, recluse, hungry for success, hard working, private.


Niels Kinsella – pink, black, laid back, honest, genius.


Michael Fenton – I am insanely happy, full of energy and always hungry. Come say Hi! I love new people.


Jamie Dean –loud, clumsy, musical, loyal, entertaining, easy going, nice guy!


Zachary Dutton-Hanney – easy going, don’t like to rush, hate the frequency 10 KHz.


Edgey Edgeworth – straight up death metaller, having a laugh, rigging and gigging.


photos from the concert



14.04.2011 – Ukraine, Chernivtsi

Interview – Sergey Onischenko (http://onisch.livejournal.com/)

Julie Kupina  (http://ham-sa.livejournal.com/)

Photo by – Sergey Onischenko

Special thanks to Artem Ketchup and Hisky Music for helping in arranging the interview.


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Интересный пост
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